Closet Woes

Happy Thursday Everyone,

 How many of you have a closet that looks like this?

I surely don't,  and  if you do...all I can say is I am beyond Jealous.... jealous I tell

I spent the early part of this week thinking of other things I'd rather be doing instead of organizing my closet.  However, my thinking ended back to what needed to be done... handle my closet mess.  Since switching from an ok-sized closet to the smaller one in the sewing room I've had to come up with a hassle free way of housing my clothes...way too many clothes for a small closet.  Although the attic serves as an extension of our closet, the problem there is we rarely go in there... possibly once a year.  At the time I thought it was the be all to end all coming up with the idea of using the attic as a closet extension since it was easy to get to.  Went through the extreme of purchasing clothing racks, shoe/boot boxes, garment bags & boxes, because I thought it was an awesome idea.  Umm yeah, went into the attic once last year... as for the garments & shoes there.... totally abandoned.

Instead of dwelling on my brainstorm that turned in to a rainstorm I decided to just deal with the problem at hand, which is the bottom part of my closet.  The closet is 3' wide x 3-1/2' deep, which allowed me to put two clothing rods, with the back rod holding my suits and  front rod holding my slacks/skirts.  The main problem was the bottom of the closet that housed bins for the garments that I do not like to hang, dresses, sweaters, blouses and jeans.  After looking at a variety of organizers, I went with Resin collapsible Hampers. They hold more than the bins I had in my closet and shelving that I was considering.  Mostly, I like the idea of being able to pull it out of the closet for easy access.  I initally purchased 4 of them, for dresses, sweaters, blouses & jeans, but ended up having to buy two more.  I made sure to put the items that are in heavy rotation at the top and must say I am feeling so much better for it.

The other issue were my shoes which I keep in shoe boxes under the bed, well my favorite shoes.  However, it was getting out of control, I kept buying shoes and pushing them under the bed. Then came the problem of the boxes peeking out from under the bed... waiting for an unsuspecting victim to trip.  In came the under-the-bed shoe organizer, loooooooooove them, I purchased 4 which was perfect for housing all the shoes/boot I had under the bed.  To accommodate my ankle boots & calf boots I put in only three dividers and my boots fit perfectly.


Remaining items to organize is the top of my closet which houses my favorite handbags/scarves, need to buy another shoe organizer for my belts and looking to order a Wall mount jewelry armoire.

So I am happy to say that my closet is more functional and while putting away my dresses came across a flashback... circa 2010... Butterick 5147 Grommet

And wearing it like this today with an apricot cardigan (Loft)... can't believe it.... its 68 degrees here.... said it before... weird weather.

Another question... Do you have Closet Woes?... if so what storage techniques do you use to make it functional.


Clio said…
I have an ok size closet in the bedroom for every day/week clothing and another in the craft lounge for out-of-season and fancy clothes. My real problem is storing shoes and purses. There never seems to be enough space. (Under the bed is where the fabric stash is.)

Great new blog banner!
Sister said…
Um, no, I prescribe to the Flylady philosophy of decluttering by donating lots of clothes and shoes to Goodwill. Any new thing I buy or make, I try to pull out an old thing, so my closet is pretty minimalistic! But I love your organizers - hooray for your productivity!
Lori said…
I would so take that closet, I had just told hubby this week we needed to redo our closet to maximize the space. I like your dress and the cardigan.
Nicky said…
I guess the coming of spring is making us all think about our closet mess.

I'm going to tackle mine tomorrow but I live in apt so there's no other space but that to use. So tomorrow, I'm starting by doing some serious purging of clothes and shoes, then I can think of organization.

I bought transparent shoe boxes from The Container store and that works great. My necklaces -- I used an over the door towel rack as storage. The tangled mess I had before is gone and I see all of them now.

Good luck with your revamp. You should do before and after pics.
Anonymous said…
I thought for a minute that was YOUR closet, I was about to set my green-eyed monster loose, lol!

My closet is a mess, mainly because I haven't been able to organize -- lack of time. With spring coming, though, I'm starting to feel the cleaning bug so maybe I'll get to it soon.
Sheila said…
Thanks for your comments.

I forget to mention where I purchased the items... at Target. I went back to Target yesterday for another shoe organizer, but they are out of stock.

I should've taken before pics, but once I had it in my mind what I needed I went full throttle.
Adrienne said…
My closet is OK, would be better if I didn't have to share it with Tony lol.

I'm spending next week organizing mine. I keep all my shoes in the boxes on the floor of the closet. They are STACKED. I also have shoes on the top shelf. He puts his shoes under the bed so that is OUT for me but I think he might like this organizer for his shoes. Hmmm