Refashion w/ New Look 6915

With summer in full effect, hot days & the office dress code relaxed casual... its time for me to rock some bermuda shorts.  I have several pairs of fit flared pants that I purchased from the Loft last year, but sadly, once I got home & tried them on, I wasn't really feeling the look on me & too lazy to return them.  The fit part was ok, but the flared leg design was just too exaggerated and remember from someone's fashion blog that all Fit Flared pants are not created equal. 

So these pants were the perfect candidate for refashioning.  Last night I went into refashion mode, which was easy peasy, tried on the pants, marked where I wanted to cut (just below the knees), cut, serged raw edges, and hemmed (cut a 1-1/2" strip of interfacing, ironed above the fold line of the hem and hand stitched the raw edge to the interfacing).... Finito.

I paired the shorts with New Look 6915 (circa 2010), which is a sheer poly and donned a brown cotton cami underneath.

Line Drawing
 This pattern has become a TNT ...  when I want an easy breezy look & instant gratification NL6915 is it. 

I have a lil NL6915 collection in versions B & D

and topped off the ensemble with my latest shoe purchase from

(Nine West has a great sale going on buy one get the 2nd @ 50% off)

 I have several more items that needs refashioning, a few more fit & flared pants and a few suits that will become short-sleeve/bermuda short sets.... so until then

 Enjoy the rest of the week


Adelaide B said…
Nice refashion! I don't have enough pants to do this, myself. I think I'm just gonna go out and but some shorts. Not motivated to make them.
The bermudas are a good look on you. Good job.
I love the way you are posing.
Sheila said…
Thanks Ladies,

@ Adelaide: Honestly, I'm not motiviated to make any either. Of late, I have been scoring my closet and instead of readily giving items away, I am rethinking and refashioning.

@ Serenity: My daughter repeatedly calls me after seeing my posts and always tells me I need to put the swagger
Rosie said…
OK who ticked you off now? LOL - Savannah said it wasn't her and I know it was not Roco. I love the refashioned shorts!
Faye Lewis said…
Love your nice cool look!
velosewer said…
You look fab. That's such a 'cool' look.
Sister said…
Cute! And thanks for hooking me up with my shoe fix - you're my Nine West dealer!
RhondaBuss said…
The top is cute, but WOO HOO!, I love the bermudas. A great summer look for you.
Mary said…
Perfect length for you :-) I love bermudas.
Candice said…
I love bermudas! You did a great job with the refasion!
Myra said…
Sheila, I don't know how I missed this post!! Nice way to refashion!! I absolutely love this look on you! I see these bermuda shorts on women in the office all the time and just didn't think it would fit for after seeing yours, I'd really love to give them a try. This would be a good way to do it inexpensively! Love the top too...all of them! Great post!