Happy Friday & Checking In

Hello Everyone, hoping all are looking forward to a great weekend.

I have been doing drive-by blog reading and loving what everyone is into and/or sewn. 

My sewing mojo has been stunted because I decided to pull out every piece of fabric I have acquired in the last 5 years in an attempt to sort/organize it.  I was tired of going to different areas of the house to go through my fabric stash and enough was enough.  So for 3 weeks my livingroom has been in a state of choas with fabric placed and piled on top of anything that can hold it, as well as the floor littered with storage bins.

Finally this week I have managed to move majority of the fabric to one room in the basement and hoping tonight I will be able to move the remainder there. 

What I will say is I did not enjoy one minute of pulling out all my fabric, sorting, and folding.  Seriously, not one minute of enjoyment, I did a significant amount of whining and saying to myself how did this come to be..... mmm serioulsy don't sound like a sewist do I?

However,  I did become reacquainted with long forgotten pieces, but instantly began whining about the labor intensive project ahead....lol

To soothe myself, I have been frequenting Target and purchased several cardigans and pullover sweaters.

For casual Friday I am sporting one of the pullover argyle sweater (Target) with wool pants (Loft), comfortable & modified Dexiflex sport shoes (Payless).

As I mentioned, I'm hoping to move the remainder of the fabric to the basement, and once done, I  would like to sew up Simplicity 1849 that has been cut for some time.  Thank goodness, I cut long sleeves.

Until then,

 Have A Great Weekend


Hello Sheila,
Welcome back. I understand the pain, I did the same thing in August and was ranting and raving about having too much fabric. I have kind of put myself on a fabric fast for the remainder of this month. Hope the mojo returns soon. Have a great weekend!
velosewer said…
Oh Sheila.
While it's been a chore I hope you have seen fabrics that will make you ready to sew up a storm:)
Sheila said…
Hi Necie & Velosewer, I must admit there are a few pieces that I am looking forward to sewing.
L said…
Thanks for the update. I was beginning to wonder what happened to you! I sympathize with you and had a holy $#!^ moment when I sorted some (!!!) of my fabric. A good 2/3 is stored in plastic bins (out of sight...in denial lol) while the rest is on bookshelves. I've made peace with it and put myself on a fabric-lite diet.
Faye Lewis said…
Missed you - glad to see you back.
Sheila said…
Hi L, you said it best
I had a "holy sh*t moment" once all the fabric was stacked in my livingroom...lol.

Hi Faye, I saw your skirt collection and looking forward to sewing a few.
Lisa H. said…
Glad to see you in your cute sweater.
After your fabric re-organization,I know,more beautiful creations are on the way.
alethia said…
Fabric re-organization is a lot of work; however once you are done, the pay off is HUGEEEEEEEE!
Brenda said…
So very glad you're back. Yes, that daunting task of re-organizing fabric is a dreadful thing! Just thought the other day how my little project sort of back-fired. Now got to pull out the fall and winter fabrics. Geez! LOL
Sheila said…
Hi Lisa, Alethia & Brenda.

Finally moved all the fabric to one room and glad that its done. Now I can get some sewing done. It felt good tbis morning going into the room for fabric and not have venture to different areas of tbe house for fabric.
Irene said…
Sorting fabric is not a fun project, but it is a wonderful way to get reacquainted with what's hiding in all those totes!
Brandi said…
I went through my stash as well. I'm sure I have a lot less than you do, but it was still a chore. Hope you get your mojo back! Take care, Sheila.