Down & Dirty No-Sew Hem

 Happy Tuesday All.

After receiving numerous emails about how I shorten my jacket sleeves, I thought I'd share my down & dirty no-sew hem.  It's perfect for those who don't like hand sewing or need a quick hem fix.

  • Scissors, 
  • Iron, 
  • Sleeve board
  • Press cloth
  • HeatnBond Ultra Hold (HnB), and
  • 1/2" Lite Steam-a-Seam2 (SaS)

  • with jacket sleeves/lining cut to desired length (I cut 6" from the armpit)
  • apply a strip of 1/2" SaS on the right side along the circumference of the sleeve edge.  

  • make sure to push the sleeve lining up & away from the fabric sleeve edge,  Iron SaS 
  • do not remove the SaS paper backing, 
  • fold the sleeve edge to the inside a 1/2" and press,  then repeat again, wherein you have created two fold lines.

  • turning the jacket wrong side out, remove the paper backing from the SaS
  •  hem should be folded to the wrong side
  • take the sleeve lining raw edge, which should be longer than the fabric sleeve 
  • and position lining edge in hem fold line - push excess length of lining up into the sleeve
  • Cut a 1/2" strip of HnB.... I love this stuff just as much as I love SaS

  • take HNB strip and place it along the second fold line
  • flip up hem basically sandwiching the HnB between the lining and hem fold line

  • slip your sleeve board into the opening, take your press cloth and steam the hell out of it.
  • repeat until the hem has been ironed thoroughly.

  • After pressing the hem, the lining should fall just short of the fabric hem

There you have it my Down  & Dirty No-Sew Hem

After several comments from my last post mentioning that the jacket looks better without the mandarin collar, I removed the collar from this jacket as well

Paired the jacket with Simplicity 2850 made in 2009, which was refashioned to short sleeves a year or two ago and dk. brown loft slacks, which I hemmed using the same method.

What makes this method awesome, is that I machine wash my clothes & air dry and the HnB & SaS combo remains in tact.

At some point I do end up hand stitching the hems, but its usually a year later.  Can we talk adhesive

Until then,

Have a Great Week.


velosewer said…
I love Sas now I have to use HnB. Thank you so much for the tutorial Sheila.
c-ing said…
Thanks for the tutorial. That jacket is in one of my favorite colors.
Sheila said…
Hi Maria and Thanks.
Sheila said…
Thanks Syl.
Linda said…
Great look!
L said…
I've never heard of Heat n Bond. I use Steam-a-seam all the time and have to try this other brand. I love your jacket refashions. You are always very stylish and chic.
Sheila said…
Thank you Linda.
Sheila said…
Thanks L. I only use it for hemming my pants and sleeve hems. It's not suitable for knits or lightweight fabric.
Faye Lewis said…
I know that taking the time to photo the process was time consuming, but your step by step tutorial chronicled the whole technique so clearly. We thank you for sharing!
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye.
Myra said…
Too cool Sheila! Thanks for the tip!
Sheila said…
You are welcome Myra.