Butterick 5606 - Modified

I like to think of myself as a Minimalist Re-fashionista.  If there is an existing garment and it's not in heavy rotation for one reason or another, I will assess it, cut it, sew it & rock it, however, if all fails, it goes the way of trash can 99.

Last year, I refashioned Butterick 5606 after wanting a red top to pair with a red blazer.  Of course, the several red tops I had did not match or just wasn't the right style.   My initial modus operandi was to look through my fabric stash and sew up a quickie.  However, what I had in my stash was the wrong shade of red.  I am sure, you know the challenges of matching red... hard.

The next move was to check my closet for dresses and assess, if any, ones that were not in heavy rotation and would work with the red blazer.   That day I wanted to wear white pants with the red jacket and needed a printed red top, I was totally obsessed with wearing it.

Lo & behold, the B5606 dress was available for the taking. For all intent and purposes the dress was worthy of keeping in its current state, but hardly worn, mainly because I have another dress similar to it.

It took no time for me to assess it, cut it, sew it & rock it.

Fast forward 2014 and the top is still in heavy rotation.

If you have a garment that is viable, but not in heavy rotation for some odd reason....

Assess It, Cut It, Sew It & Rock It.

Until then have a Fabulous Week.


I know I should be concentrating on the top (which is a great refashion) but the bag! Seriously, I eyeball your pictures for the handbag candy! I'm liking this one - where's it from?
Sheila said…
Hi Carolyn and Thanks. The bag is from 9west and is currently reduced from $89.00 to $39.99.
That is great advice - I have several tops I don't wear for one reason or another. They're fixing to get assessed!
Sheila said…
Thanks Sister.