RTW Friday

Happy Friday All and hoping everyone is looking forward to a fun filled weekend.

I hope to get some sewing in, wishing it was for me, but will be sewing for my mom a dress or two.  To add to the fun, my sister & the kiddos will be over this weekend and hoping she remembers to bring the dress I made for her B-day to get pics.  One of the down sides of sewing for others is depending on them to get pics.

Its FRIDAY!!!! and I am ready to get the weekend started.  However, I must work and what better way to sail through the day, than wearing something casually fun & bright.

Black Fedora - courtesy of my Daughter's hat collection

The blazer via  Macy's  - Jones New York

Tank top - from my mom during her thrift shop excursions
Necklace & bracelets - New York City street vendors

Jeans via  Loft  and Henry Ferrera Moccasin via DeJanerio
Photo bombing is my daughter's dog...Mr. Ayden...lol

Until then,
Have a Great Weekend.


mimi jackson said…
Jacket, hat, shoes - DA-BOMB! Love it!
Sheila said…
Thank you Mimi.
I love your weekend look. I love the jacket the colors are refreshing. Have a great weekend.
Sheila said…
Thank you Etta. That jacket is a gem. Caught it on sale from $169 down to $34 & change. My shopping excursions are all about getting super discount prices for a great garment.