Butterick 4976 - Then & Now

Happy Wednesday All, 

   It's 63 degrees, overcast and rainy in New York City and that makes me smile inside.  Working in the Wall Street area keeps New York City streets swamped with tourists, but when it rains... ahhhh the ability to walk a straight line and not have to maneuver around obstacle courses (a/k/a tourists).  

   Another thing that makes me smile inside is chilly weather + rain = boots... Yeah.... its boot season.  I donned an old time favorite, Butterick 4976 made back in 2009 with Loft brown suede boots... yes on a rainy day... just spray Scotchguard water protectant and ya'  good.

         Then - 2009                                             Now - 2014

Last year I decided to wear it in the Summer and in came a lil refashion and shortened the sleeves.  This is another slip on and go dress and has held up well to machine washing over the last 5 years.

The perfect dress for pairing with tall boots and a blazer on a chilly & dismal day.

Check out Others that have made Butterick 4976 over the years:

Until then,
Have a Great Week.


mimi jackson said…
That dress looks wonderful, Sheila! Love it!
Sheila said…
Thank you Mimi, its such a comfortable dress.
c-ing said…
That's a great look. You never fail to morph your outfits into new ones. BTW I was in NY last summer...as a tourist. And yes we do look baffled since we don't know where we are going and things are so fast. :)
Sheila said…
Thank you Syl. Hoping you had a great time in NY last summer. Lol... that's how we identify tourists by the baffle look and walking too slow...lol.
Your dress is beautiful Shelia, I love this print fabric. One of my favorite, I really like how you pair it up with the boots and jacket. I also love boot and coat season. I know it get really cold in New York...lol
Sheila said…
Thank you Etta, I believe I purchased the fabric from walmart years ago. My favorite item to wear are blazers.. a/k/a my linus blanket...lol
Terri Berry said…
That Sheila...(talking about you) she will hook up an outfit with a jacket in a minute...love that dress with that jacket!!!
Sheila said…
Thank you Terri. Lol..my wardrobe revolves around blazers.
L said…
Haha. My wardrobe revolves around blazers too. Your remakes get better and better. Rock it!
Sheila said…
Thanks L. My family call me Linus everytime they see me with a blazer a/k/a blanket...lol. One reason why I am trying to add more weekend pieces to my wardrobe.