Arms Deep in Crochet... where I've been over the last few months.   I have been crocheting cardigans, pullover sweaters & dresses.  Most of the crocheting as been for the lil ones that visit me, which is perfect for using up remnant yarn.  As for the pattern, 4 years ago, I came across Gail Tanquary's Striped Crochet Cardigan, which is a top down crochet pattern.  What an awesome way to crochet garments, which makes trying on as you go a joy, and most importantly the garment is seamless.

Over the years, I have crocheted a many cardigans with GT's awesome pattern and was inspired to venture off on my own. I have morphed it every which way to create cardigans, pullovers & dresses for the little ones, and for myself as well.  Majority of my crochet garments are made with acrylic yarns, which is resilient and once steam blocked becomes very soft.  Currently, working on a pullover for my guy, so stay tuned.   Of course, I couldn't possibly create a garment without the use of rtw clothing, which serves as a template to gauge sizing throughout the crochet process.  At times there is usual ripping out and starting over.  However, for the most part, once I get the right stitch count for the neckline, shoulders and fronts, I am off and running... umm I mean crocheting.

Last month I made a cardigan for myself to take with me on vacation, so there was some serious wrist action going on to get it completed. To eradicate the mountain of leftover yarn, I used 3 shades of leftover green balls and was able to get a full garment from them.  Although top down patterns are seamless, I modified my cardigan by adding a hood and making a separate ribbed band and machine sewed in a jacket zipper.  So this cardigan was not all seamless.  However, its a great way to add your own design elements.

Of course, crocheting for the lil ones that visit me makes for a great way to use up leftover yarn.  Again, I use their old clothes as templates to help me gauge sizing.  For Mr. Jordan I used an old sweatshirt and added a zipper closure and for Ms. Jewel I used a sweatshirt as well and for closures opted for buttons.

Ms. Niema got a dress.  I started this dress while on vacation, and didn't have any old clothing for reference and referred to my go to chart via Carft Yarn Council to gauge sizing.  I did have to go back and tweak the neckline and that required me to do a decrease row at the neckline and a decrease row for the armholes.  Other than that the dress was perfect for her. I also like to put in linings for the dresses and use the crochet garment as a template.  Basically it's a skirt lining, using stretchy knit and the lining starts just below the armhole down to the hemline, sew the front/back at the sides of the skirt lining and machine stitch to the dress and lastly hem.
I was able to complete my cardigan in time and it was perfect for the temps in Atlanta. Sported it with a tank top and slacks one day, then with jeans and a long sleeve tee on another.  Perfect topper.  Its Funny now... I was in Walmart with the kids and family and we had our cardigans on and a lady gushed and swooned over the cardigans and stated that she always wanted a homemade crochet jacket and where did I get them.. umm yeah. I thanked her and stated that I made them, before I could finish telling her have a nice day a few other ladies came over and inquired about our jackets, honestly I was overwhelmed and back peddled from them simultaneously telling them thanks, however, my sister thought it was too funny.

Latest garment for Mr. Jordan is a pullover sweater that is perfect for wearing over a button-up shirt and jeans.
Lil Ms. Jewel's dress is still a work in progress and hope to finish the sleeves and put in the lining this week.

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Until then, 
Everyone have an Awesome New Year!


Karen in VA said…
They're all beautiful. I just started crocheting again - had forgotten how much fun it is.
Sheila said…
Thank you Karen and have a blessed, healthy & prosperous New Year.
Kay said…
I love all of them!! Your little ones look so adorable :)

Happy New Year!
Lucy said…
You are on crafty lady. I wish I enjoyed crocheting and knitting as much as others do. It's just not my thing, but I do enjoy seeing the finished projects and these are beautiful. Great job!
Sheila said…
Thank you Kay & have a blessed, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Sheila said…
Thank you Lucy and have a blessed, healthy & prosperous New Year.

Wow! Haven't checked in for a bit, and you've been BUSY! You've got more crocheted items than I do knitted ones - they're all beautiful. I especially love your hoodie cardigan from stash yarn - you made it coordinate perfectly. I may have to pick up a crochet hook again....
Sheila said…
Thank you Sister.