China - Through the Looking Glass

Last weekend, I had the Awesome opportunity to view China Through the Looking Glass with Fabulous Friends, Alethia & Lucy.  Alethia thought this would make for a perfect outing, and it did not disappoint.  The day was full of soaking in the fabulous garments at the museum, delicious food, fabric acquisitions and of course non-stop talk about the museum, fabric and sewing projects.  

The special exhibition is running through September 7, 2015.  If you can, please check it out...    Awesome exhibit of China's cultural influence in fashion.  Below are a few of the pics I took and here is a video link... courtesy of Curator Andrew Bolton.
Everything was brilliantly presented..
Jaw dropping haute-couture   

   There is so much to feast on... enjoyed the video clips that were displayed from ceiling to floor 

Interesting cocktail dresses.

Far Right.... beautiful .... black silk taffeta embroidered w/ black glass beads & crystals by Givenchy

Far right... smitten w/ the yellow fox jacket.

I was totally taken aback by the art ... beautiful

Man o Man.. talk about stunned & speechless over this stunningly beautiful creation.

Tomas Campbell of The Met, said it best ...  the exhibition is "a monumental, immersive exploration of the influence of Chinese art and film and fashion's greatest talents."

Until then,

Have An Awesome Weekend !!!


Andrea said…
I enjoy seeing these types exhibits. Thank you for sharing. You Dress is terrific.
Sheila said…
Thank you Andrea. The exhibit was Awesome.