Happy Thursday All and hoping everyone's week is going smoothly.  For me, I can't waaaaaaaiit for Friday.  This week has been a long and arduous one.  So what is a girl to do when trying to push through the remainder of the week... post an OOTD.

Its a Throwback from 2011 after purchasing several cuts of fabric from Spandex house.  Thinking back now, I remember 2010 being the year that I made several sheath dresses and went commando using Butterick 5147.

2011 comes in and it was all about wrap dresses.  I made at least 1/2 dozen and they are still showing staying power.

Then 2012

Since the making of this dress it has gone through a minimal refashion.  I removed the ties and anchored down the overlay skirt at the waist. Also added a casing to the waist seam and added elastic.

Now 2015

With the some body changes, I sliced open one end of the casing and removed the front elastic making a lil more room for my kapoose... ahhh ... much better.  Of course, my ensemble isn't complete without a blazer.

 The dark brown blazer is an ol' timer, which went through a lil refashion several years ago from long sleeves to short sleeves.

This ensemble was perfect for New York temps that dropped low enough to be an amazing day of sunshine and cool breeze.  My job is located in downtown Manhattan where we are surrounded by 3 bays of water.  Talk about beautifully breezy and allowed me to take in some cool music at lunch time.  Lil Moma sang her heart out with Nat King Cole's Route 66.

Until then,
Have a Great Day !


Bonnie said…
Really great dress on you! Very sophisticated and looks comfortable.

See me at www.sewplus.blogspot.com

Sheila said…
Thank you Bonnie.
Anonymous said…
Your dress is a classic. I look forward to your new and refashion posts. Now, please excuse me while I go scroll back to find your spandex world posts. I love their ponte.
Sheila said…
Thank you RatRace. I love that spot ... hope to make a pit stop this weekend.
Levone said…
Great looking dress!
Sheila said…
Thank you Levone.