Happy Thursday All and hoping your week is moving along nicely.  Friday is just around the corner... yeah... like tomorrow and hoping all have great plans.  Me... I just want to relax and do something creative.

Today's post brings a Then & Now/DIY.  This linen jacket has been around for a long time and in its earlier life, was part of a white linen suit.  In 2013, the pants went the way of donation, but kept the jacket despite it showing discoloration.  During one of my refashion, recycle & reuse modes decided to try my hand at color revitalization.

Then 2013

Now 2015
In keeping with light colored pieces, I paired it with New Look 6384 top in a diagonal stripe knit, and ...

New Look 6351 lt grey cotton/blend pant.

If anyone knows me, I am an avid blazer fan and any orphans I make must work with my blazers.  This top is perfect alone w/ slacks or worn under a jacket.

Of course, I love to throw in some eclectic drama and donned 9West Flax Cow Hair pumps

The dye color has held up well, even with machine washing.  If one is looking to dabble in garment dyeing, definitely give it a try.  It's a great way to revitalize an old garment in need of new life.

Rocking this yellow makes for a great color to wear even at the end of the day when I am worn, torn & tired from a long day.

Until then,

Happy a Great Week!


Faye Lewis said…
Gorgeously professional outfit Sheila - love the color combo.
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye.
Cas... said…
You look fabulous Sheila! Keep it up!
Sheila said…
Thank You Cassandra.