Butterick 4976 Circa 2009

  Knowing that today would be rainy & windy, which also means a messy commute, plus doing a lil more running around today than usual, plus physically feeling bleh with an attitude to match, I needed something free flowing & comfortable.  To add insult to injury, my mornings are dark when I leave ... adding to my sinister mood.

Butterick 4976 is one of my tnt dress patterns.The fabric is a med wt. knit, making it perfect for the fall/winter season.   Physically feeling out of sorts and a suit won't do... in comes B4976 with its surplice bodice, flaired skirt and fabric belt giving me a sense of feeling svelte without it being tight.

My shoe game changes once I get in the office, giving me a lil happy with all that I had to do today.  However, I couldn't swipe the mean-mug-look off of my face.  Despite that, I was able to get through the day feeling comfy and super productive.

Do you have a garment that fits your mood?

Until then,
Have a Great Week.


Bonnie said…
Love your dress & fabric choice but those boots are the bomb! You look lovely as usual.

Bonnie @ sewplus.blogspot.com
Sheila said…
Thank you Bonnie ! The boots are from 9west.
garnet128 said…
An outfit to match the mood???? Yea, it's flannel PJ's LOL. Too bad you can't wear that to work tho. Hope today is a happy day for you.
Lori said…
Oh, yes, outfit to match my mood. Jeans and a soft flannel shirt for those days I need comfort. You look great and I agree I hate going to work in the dark.
Sheila said…
Hi Garnet128... Today is much better, and we got a lil sun too.
Sheila said…
Thank you Lori.
Love the dress, but if I walked in that office and saw that face, I'd turn right around! You DID look mad!
Sheila said…
Thank you Sister. Yeah, it was just one of those days where my mind was in mad mode. The risk of waking up on the wrong side of the bed.