The reinvention of fringe is in full effect.  My initial thought was ... cute... but not for me.  Then after seeing several women around town in the NYC...  I started rethinking that it would definitely add drama to my wardrobe.  However, I still had reservations about it until I saw this one....

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My initial reservations were borne from the thought that I am short.  The fringe skirts I'd spotted in the NYC were midi length or maxi length and the fringes were just too long and muddled my mind's eyes about how I could rock it.

Well fear no more... the inspiration skirt has me ready to drop everything and sew one up in faux leather.  However, I need to pause for the cause and finish my selfless sewing projects then dive in.

Suggested Skirt Patterns:

Fringe Skirt/Dress/belt Ideas:

Articles on the Reinvented Trend:

What are you thoughts on the fringe epidemic?

Until then,
Have a Great Thursday !


Myra said…
Sheila, I'm still on the fence with the whole "Fringe" epidemic. However, when I saw the skirt on Adrienne (from Adrienne's Essentials), it was absolutely adorable! I think I still need convincing so I'm waiting. Good Luck on your projects!
On my Fall sewing wish list I have something with fringe on it. I don't know if I'll get to it but I think an item in your wardrobe with fringe would be very nice. I can't wait to see what you sew up!

Sheila said…
I'm just hoping once I sew it, there will not be a moment of what was I thinking.
Sheila said…
I am anxious to sew it up, but at the same time still have reservations... oxymoron right.