Jean Friday

Happy Friday! and the 2nd day of October already.... as the saying goes, times flies when having a good

Well, I am in squeeeeeel mode, not only because its Friday, also, because I got a super duper score on sale items.

Let me just say and I feel no shame in my game.... I fell off my RTW fast wagon, however, I did last 9 months.... j/

Made a pit stop in Target for dog fiddles and with doggy goodies in hand, headed to the cashier line, which was long.  What does one do in a situation like that... wonder around a bit in the hopes of the lines shortening just a lil to endure standing in it... righttttt?    Some how, I ended up in the garment section, however, I kept one eye on the cashier lines.. and the other on browse mode and then I saw them.... Blazers.

Deets:  Plaid Tailored Blazer from Merona. This sophisticated blazer pairs a classic cut with a modern print for trendy yet professional vibe. Features a structured, feminine fit, a single button closure, buttoned cuffs and a notched collar

Love the fit, fabric blend of poly/rayon/wool/spandex, no itch factor (3% wool only) and add to the love... its machine washable.  

With all of my blazers, I must shorten the sleeves by 1", which is a breeze.  Paired the jacket with a walmart tank top and old loft jeans... perfect for a Jean Friday.

The second sale love were boots that I've had my eyes on for 3 weeks and knew it was only a matter of time.   I starked my local 9west like a crazed  Finally their new inventory was up for sale ... 40% off and to add to it, I had $40 in reward points... whaatttt... I was in shoe heaven.  

Of course, there was a moment of don't lose your cool gurl !!!  The sales clerk kindly advised me that my rewards points had expired... say what now?  I took a deep breath and said....  sweetheart, I have been shopping here longer than you have worked here and know that they are as good as the day is long... so.. lets just back up a lil deary and plug in those reward points manually.  Kindly took a seat on their lovely ottoman and waited.

End Result.... cha ching... $64.40.  Thanked him for his kindness & patience and sauntered out of there thanking someone that I did not catch a case over

Until then,
Have a Great Weekend !!!


Bahaha - that clerk didn't know who he was dealing with! That blazer looks great - hot outfit!
Sheila said…
Thank you Sister !
Dei said…
Score on both!
Sheila said…
Hi Dei and Thanks ! It was a definite score.