Pattern Repeats

Over the years one will note I am a pattern repeater.  Notorious for sewing the way I shop.. see a garment I like, the fit is perfect, the price is right... and will buy several colors of the same item.  That totally transferred over to garment sewing.  Sewing a particular pattern repeatedly is due to the fact that first and foremost, I really like the completed garment and secondly, a great way to challenge my sewing with different fabrics.

Butterick 5147

What makes pattern repeating a great idea, each time the fit gets fine tuned.  A great way to try different fabrics and also a way to experiment with adding a twist to the garment.

Butterick 5672

What I will say is, I've learned that I can use the same fabric content/weight and it will prompt me to make some adjustments.  Sometimes the adjustments range from omitting darts, incorporating darts, or removing or adding too much ease.  Also, finally understood that a solid knit vs. a printed knit with the same weight will yield a different fit. The printed garment will lend a different hand from the solid and with that I have to be cautious when sewing my fabric from a pattern repeater.

McCall's 7121

Early on in my sewing ventures, I'd repeat a pattern and bulldozed ahead and cut and sew it with little in mind.  Well that left me looking in the mirror and saying what the huck happened.   Now that I know better ... my go to safety method is to baste the dress together and check fit.    Of course, I know that if I am using a repeat pattern that calls for a knit and using a woven, I definitely take the necessary precautions and add to it.  But o' have I learned.

What are your favorite sewing patterns that you like to repeat ?

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alethia said…
Pattern repeat is a good thing. The proof is in the number of garment you made. Outstandingggggg!
I'm guilty too! When I find a pattern I like, I'll make many, many repeats!
Sheila said…
Thank you Alethia !
Sheila said…
Repeat patterns eliminate the hustle & bustle of major fitting and makes great instant gratification projects