Happy Friday Everyone... the day has finally come... yesssss .. It's FRIDAY !!!!  This week has felt like eternity... seriously and it could be in part due to the holidays and my body refusing to acclimate to the New Year.  With all that aside, I am just plain ol' grateful that Friday is Here !!!!

This Friday's post brings you to one of my favorite things ... Thrifting.  I was recently asked about where I got my furniture for my sewing room, and thought I'd share it here.

My guy and I started thrifting about 10 years ago and were lucky to score really nice furniture from leather sofas to buffet chests.    Then we wanted bedroom furniture for one of the bedrooms and searched and in a matter of a few weeks, we scored a beautiful bedroom set, (armoire, mirror, long dresser & headboard - all for $300 bucks).

This is the armoire from the set.... beautiful piece

When I decided I wanted a dedicated sewing room, my guy went in search and scored this awesome office desk to serve as my cutting table ... and 

... the return to hold my sewing machines, 

and another return piece for holding additional sewing machines (all at a great price - $100) at a local second hand shop near his job.

After checking out a few retail stores for a 3 way mirror and shocked at the prices, we scored a $10 floor screen that we eventually turned into a 3 way mirror

Recently had my cutting/desk pimped out with wheels and raised to 39" height and lovin' every minute of it being mobile when I need it to be.

Over the years we have scored some great furniture pieces that continue to serve us well.  Most of the pieces haven taken residence in my sewing room and make awesome storage.  

If you are looking for ways to accommodate or create your sewing/crafting paraphernalia... check your local thrift store... you will be surprised at the treasures you will find.

 Our thrifting didn't stop there tho'.  Or should I say my thrifting ...   have scored a great collection of old sewing reference books too.. here are just a few.

Then my thrifting continued to branch out to jewelry.... 

A few years ago, my daughter came home with a haul of thrifted garments .. I'm talking really nice pieces and of course, I started garment thrifting...

... as for garments, I mainly buy blazers and have been really lucky scoring nice blazers.   
This Ann Taylor blazer was scored for just $7.99 almost 3 years ago.

I take care to pay attention to garment fabric content .. preferrably machine washable items, which makes it easier to clean them as soon as they are taken out of the bag.  Of course, there are some garments, I can't resist and are dry clean only.

Others are getting in on  the thrifting trend and the prices have increased, but still cheaper and often times better than the retail stores.  We don't thrift as often, but when we do, our favorite spot is Savers.  Love that place.

Side story:  was complimented on another jacket I wore and shared my thrifting adventures.  A young lady in the midst of the group became all squeamish and whatnot.  She went into a song & dance that she could never buy second hand clothing that someone else wore.  Well.... well... I had to enlighten ms. squeamish... and asked her.... how many crotches do you think tried those pants you have on .. better yet how many returns after being worn for a day or so ... before you bought them from the retail store.... mmm yeah.

Below are some Great Articles on Thrifting:
Until then,
Have a Great Weekend !


Great post Sheila.
Sheila said…
Thank you SD Cunni Designs!
Angelle said…
I love thrifting, those are some good finds!!
Sheila said…
Thank you Angelle !
Kyle said…
The way you turned that screen into a three-way mirror--genius!!!!!!!!
(lolz about Ms Squeamish--to further that, how many people before you used the towels in a hotel? slept in that bed? etc etc etc).
Sheila said…
Thank you Kyle !lol you know I gave her the Bye Felicia side eye. You are on point about the hotel towels & beds.
alethia said…
LOL! I know Ms Squeamish kept it moving!
HobbyLover said…
I also love to thrift shop but have not found as nice of things as you ! Love the three way mirror you have. Love your whole set up
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this post. I've been following your sewing journey, admiring your work and felt I had to comment (for the first time) because of your response to Ms. Squemish....OY, as they say in the old country ;-) Have a great weekend!

Sheila said…
Lol... ikr !!!
Sheila said…
Thank you HobbyLover !
Sheila said…
Thank you Anonymous for following my sewing journey... so appreciated!
L said…
Thrifting is a great way to find new homes for gently used items. Another good resource is a college or university's property disposition service - especially if the school has dorms! My cutting table is an old library table and my patterns are stored in a Steelcase file cabinet. I bought two cabinets and the table all for $40.

I like your sewing room. It's cozy and comfy. =)
Sheila said…
Hi L and Thank you!. Great info & pieces, didn't know about the school dorms. I am really enjoying the new room and mostly that I can walk around the whole cutting table now.