New Look 6351 Repeat

Of late or rather in the last few years, I've been trying to avoid sacrificing my style for more comfort.  However, man-o-man there is something to be said about stretch fabrics and elastic  I've worn structured garments for as long as I can remember and predominately suits throughout my working career and very rarely deviated from that.   Fast forward to my venture into sewing my clothes and have come to love all that is stretchy & elastic .... Is it safe to say as a 50+ woman it's part of that coming of age with an abundance of needing more comfort?

What I do know is that I will not forego my blazers, to some degree I still need a bit of structure in my wardrobe.  However, I love wearing pull-on pants, tops and dresses and not have to deal with buttons, zippers or snaps. I even go as far as looking for 4" heels that have springs and extra cushioning in them... giggling...  I am dead

New Look 6351 is my go-to pants for just that comfort.  Which I have posted about herehere,  here annnnd here. However, I did modify the pants just a tab bit... I only added elastic to the back with a flat front.  Although, I am looking for comfort... I am not ready to venture into full elastic waistband pants...juuuuust yet.  But what I can say the partial elastic waistband provides ubber comfort and still allows me to transition from the office to play.

For this version, I used a lt. weight powder blue stretch denim that I scored at Walmart some time ago. This fabric was a dream to sew after being washed and dried.  All the seams were serged, did one layer of interfacing to back waist band and double layer of interfacing for the front band, 2" elastic in the back through the casing and finished off the waistband with orange bias tape.

One would think as many times as I've sewn this darn pattern, I would remember to add extra length to pattern piece... umm nerp... keep forgetting.  

Annnnd to think I have it noted on the pattern envelope for my heels... sheesh.

However, that didn't stop the show, pulled out color coordinated bias trim, ironed flat, sewed to raw edges of pant and finished off hemming it with my favorite... heatn'bond.... donedotcom.

Paired NL6351 with an old loft navy tank top and a refashioned chadwick floral jacket using my down & dirty no sew hem method.

For those that run away from elastic waistbands pants & skirts... just know they are not your typical mom elastic waist garments anymore.  One can still be stylish with ease & comfort.  

Until then,

Have a Great Day !


WOnderful idea for the waistband. Also being 50+ I do like the comfort
elastic brings and do mostly look for that in my pants :) I don't see anything wrong with that. Lovely outfit! but I pretty much like everything you make and could easily shop in your closet lol
Sheila said…
Thank you so much Ann !
HobbyLover said…
Loved this post! I too could shop your closet. I'm going to try your method and buy this pattern. Love the beautiful Faux Leather journal set you customized for me as well.
Man-o-man you are always stylish in my book.
Sheila said…
Hi HobbyLover and Thank You. Awwww so Glad you are enjoying your journal.
Sheila said…
Thank you so much Sarita.
I gave up structure for elastic years ago. I've had years of wearing structured, buttons & zippered pants...I've earned the right to a little elastic! *LOL* And like you pointed out elastic isn't like it use to be. It can be very fashionable these days so I'm going for fashionable and comfortable!
Sheila said…
Hi Carolyn and totally hear you on that and have 3 more cut and ready to sew.
Myra said…
Another great outfit Ms. Sheila! You know what your style is and it is apparent in the confident way you wear each piece! As we women I like to lovingly call "Golden Girls" (me included) age we are moved into the comfort zone! (We cherish all that is comfortable!). With that said, the majority of my pants are elastic waist or yoga style bands...but I still like a little structure every now and then.
Sheila said…
Thank you Myra! Love the term Golden Girls... and yes comfort is the key.