Casual Friday w/ New Look 6915

It felt like this day took sooo long to get here and now that it is here....just know that better days are coming... like Saturday &

The best part about Friday is everybody seems to be more relaxed and in the mood to celebrate any and everything.  Fridays just makes everything right with the world even my commute isn't so bad.  Actually with summer in full effect and the kids out of school, my commute becomes a dream... from 1-1/2 hr to just under an 1 hour... tell me that is not pure

Friday has everyone letting their hair down and rocking their favorite casual Friday gear.  I am really not a jean & tee shirt gal, but love me a simple top and slacks.  In comes New Look 6915, and first started working with this pattern during one of Faye's Sew-alongs in 2010.

Thereafter continued making more and they have served me well.

In 2013, I revisited sewing sheer fabrics and of course, used New Look 6915 posted about here.  This pattern is a quick and easy sew and love using sheer fabric for it.

This top is perfect with the heat index at an all time high here in the NYC and constant heat advisory warnings.. jeans would not work for me.  Paired NL6915 with linen pants for an uber cool & comfortable outfit.

Despite the heat & humidity as I headed into the office, I actually felt a breeze.. hot breeze, but a breeze

Until then,
Have A Great Weekend !


Looking good! Love those bright pants!

Happy Friiiiiiiiday!
Linda T said…
Perfect summer outfit! The heat is really getting to me this year!
Faye Lewis said…

Fabulous combo Sheila!
Sheila said…
Thank you Nakshatra !
Sheila said…
Thank you Linda !
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye!
Just beautiful! I love how you paired your top with those BEAUTIFUL yellow slacks! Great job & you look lovely!
Sheila said…
Thank you Bonnie!
c-ing said…
On the parting shot: As the sun (pants) sinks slowly into the sunset our fashionista once again has brightened our day with her beautiful designs.
Sheila said…
Hi Syl and Thank you !
Beautiful! I have a similar pattern with a cowl neck, and I love the 2 shirts I've made, but can't wear them to work because when I bend over they flash the poor kids. Your neckline gave me the idea to change my cowl to this and try it again - thanks!
Sheila said…
Hi Sister and Thank you !