New Look 6892

New Look is a throw back pattern that I made in 2009 (here, here & here). Recently the pattern was resurrected while talking to my sewing sister Faye and mentioned that I like her exposed shoulder blouse.  Of course, as all sewistas do we bounced back & forth ideas and what patterns we have in our stash.  In talking with Faye further, I decided adding this flouncey delight to my wardrobe was a must, but I didn't have Mccalls 6558.

However, all was not lost, I retrieved New Look 6892 and Faye suggested that I could just lengthen the ruffle pattern piece to achieve the same look. Well you know what happened

Pulled out the pattern pieces for New Look 6892.  The pattern piece for the bodice was already cut.  Since I was using a knit for a woven pattern, I folded in 3/8" along the flushed edge of the front & back pieces.   With Faye's measurements, I traced off the ruffle pattern piece, shortened the width by 5/8" and lengthened  it  by 10-1/2".  With that done, and with a luscious 2 yards of beautiful fabric gifted to me by Cennetta, I was on my way.

After serging the side seams, finishing the armholes and joining the the raw edges of the flounce of this butter soft printed ITY knit... I had to pause... the circumference of the flounce was HUGE. But I pushed on and pressed under the hem allowance on the lower edge.  When I pinned the flounce to the blouse according to the marks, I was miffed on the amount of fabric at each shoulder area.  So I took it upon myself to equal out the excess of the flounce circumference between the front, back and shoulders.

Basted the flounce to the neckline of blouse....mumbling... darn pattern instructions... what the hey.  Finally serged and feeling quite proud.  I moved on to using lace hem tape to create a casing at the neckline and then inserted the elastic, closed up the opening and finished off the top by hemming the bottom... done.

Had a further conversation with Faye and mentioned the whole flounce circumference issue.  Faye mentioned that it was ok, because once the casing was done and elastic put in all I had to do was distribute the fabric around the neckline. At that point that lil light bulb got bright... and to think I thought I was doing something

Despite my dense moment, the blouse came out great and love it....

and to think I was on the fence about wearing this style of blouse

I can see this blouse working hard on the weekend, out on the town or even worn to work on casual Fridays.

Of course, me being a pattern repeater.  I immediately dived into making another one in a printed georgette, that sent me on a slippery sewing ride.  I followed Faye's instructions on the flounce and sure enough it worked out.... the Love of Sewing Sisters.... Thanks Faye.

Until then,
Have a Great Sunday !


Anonymous said…
That's fantastic .. and super on you.

Going through some of your posts again, I must say how pulled together, sharp and classy you always look .. and most is at your own talented hands.

Kudos for the great inspiration.

Sheila said…
Hi Joy and Thank you so much!
Lori said…
This is fabulous, I love this on you!
Faye Lewis said…
And I thought the first one (yellow and white) was pretty; the second one has me want to make yet another one! Great job!
Sheila said…
Thank you Lori !
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye ! Go ahead make
Both are awesome! I love when you repeat a pattern, it makes me know I'm not alone in the world! *smile*
Sheila said…
Thank you Carolyn! Nothing like a great pattern repeat.... listen you made me understand the wealth in repeating patterns.
Shannon said…
These look great. That yellow top is beautiful on you!
Sheila said…
Thank you Shannon!
c-ing said…
Beautiful top and just a tease of a shoulder. Those shoes are gorgeous with or without the top although they're a great match.
Sheila said…
Thank you Syl !