Crochet Top Down Sweater

Happy Thursday All!!.. Hoping Everyone had an Awesome New Year and looking forward to more fun in 2017.

I haven't sewn many garments in the last month or sew, however, I have been crocheting of late. With winter upon us... I thought now is a great time to get a hooking ... crocheting.

I used my Ooowee Sweater pattern that I created back in 2011... Thanks to my dear friend Andrea of Knit-Knac who encouraged me to takes notes, work up the pattern several times and go forth.  Since then, I've made a dozen or so sweater variations of this pattern.   (The pattern can also be found on the right side bar at the bottom).

However, I have a knack of deviating from the pattern instructions and did the same this time.  I modified the pattern just a lil to create initially a tunic, but didn't really care for the length.

I decided to shorten it for a pullover sweater with a ribbed band.  Using the steeking method, I reinforced where I wanted to cut, by double machine stitching around the circumference of the sweater 11" down from front neckline.  Thereafter, checked to make sure all the crochet loops were secured in the machine stitch.  

Crocheted a 3" ribbed band for the bottom, whip stitched the ribbed band together, pinned to raw edge of sweater and whip stitched to the bottom of the sweater.  

Totally happy now and the sweater works well with my flipper skirt...

 as well as my jeans while out and about with my daughter

... love it with my inverted pleated skirt that I wore for a hot minute to meet up with a friend.

Loved the sweater & skirt ensemble so much... decided to wear it to work.... yeah I played the heck out of this

Until then, 
Have a Great Week !


Faye Lewis said…
That is the cutest sweater love the colors. Is that what the train looks like?
garnet128 said…
Such skills you have. I love the design and colors. I would be wearing the heck out of it too. do you care for it? My mother crocheted things when I was young and we always had to hand wash and block it. I may be dating myself with that.
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye! Yes, the Long Island Railroad train line.
Sheila said…
Thank you Garnet ! Lol.. I block it once it's completed and thereafter machine wash, lay flat and air dry.
Myra said…
You did awesome job on this sweater! So much so that I've purchased some new yarn to start an infinity scarf for myself. I only purchased to small skeins (3/12 oz) of that butter cream you were mentioning on a recent scope. I can't wait to join your crochet along!
Sheila said…
Thank you Myra! Looking forward to your infinity scarf. I need to do a scope for the cal... hopefully this week.
Mimi said…
Very nice sweater, great job! I like the colors and the outfits too :)
Gorgeous sweater.You do beautiful work Sheila!
Inspired me to buy some wool and a book to try and make slippers.
Start small :)
Sheila said…
Hiii Mimi !! So glad to hear from you. Hoping all is well. Thank you!
Sheila said…
Thank you Ann ! Awesome and will be looking forward to your slippers.
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