Butterick 5147 Then & Now

Hello All…  

...it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Then & Now, and today I bring Butterick 5147.

Circa 2010

Talk about a garment that is still going strong.  Over the last 11 years I’ve cultivated a wardrobe that is standing the test of time.  My style is simple but comfortably corporate or better yet comfortably conservative.  It not only performs for the working woman lifestyle, but segues seamlessly into other aspects of my lifestyle.

At any given time I will take a dress that works perfectly in the working world.  Then let it do what it do for a nite on the town to dressing it down during the summer with skips… simple and no real thought to getting ready.... I just stay ready.

Butterick 5147 is a true testimony to being versatile.  I must say there was one alteration that I made to this, and it was to shorten it.  The hem line was wonky and cut off 1" and re-hemmed it.  But... let me tell you, this dress is so versatile that with it being a 2 n’ 1 dress, makes it even more versatile… Check out how I Flipped the Script.

Until then,
Hoping the rest of your Week is an Awesome One !


c-ing said…
That would make a wonderful weekender. So many ways and colors to flavor it. The black can be accessorized with turquoise, yellow etc. Adding a scarf, jewelry, different shoes and toppers you've got it made. Gorgeous as usual. You're setting sail for spring and summer
Sheila said…
Thank you Syl! It's perfect for the weekend with sneakers or ballet slip-ons. Paired with a jean jacket/cardi... versatility.
Faye Lewis said…
You are the master of flipping the script!
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye!
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