McCalls 7261 Take II

Hiiii Everyone !

I'm back with another McCalls 7261 activewear outfit.

I am totally loving this pattern and as I'd mentioned in my previous post (here), it is an easy sew.  Although there are several pattern pieces that make up this set... its goes together effortlessly.

For this make, I used the same versions as the first one, but for fabric, I used large scraps from previous garments that I'd made.  Floral print is leftover from a dress and has two-way stretch.  The charteuse is leftover from a skirt and is a lightweight double knit, again with this fabric I used more of the stretch width wise.  The third remnant is a purple thin knit that I've used to line a skirt and it only has one-way stretch, yet again used the stretch width wise.

 This pattern is perfect for using up large scraps.  Seriously, its a great way to purge your scrap

With this one, the only tweaking I had to do was take deeper seams for the leggings for a closer fit.  Top was a good fit in that I didn't have to make any changes to shoulder/bust area like the first one.  However, using scraps meant I had to do a center back seam.  The neckband went in like flynnn no issues !!  Thinking the lack of tweaking may be due to the minimal stretch factor of the fabrics. So you know I will be dumpster diving in my remnant box to make another  I had a lil piece of fabric left to make cuffs... I literally used every piece of scrap... major score.

With activewear... there are no rules... color galore is just what I need to keep my workout interesting.

Ahhhhh...  my favorite end of a workout .... meditating.

Until then,
Have a Great Week !!!


garnet128 said…
Nothing better than a project to use up scraps. And you look good doing it too. Win Win.
Sheila said…
Thank you! Yes although large scraps, but definitely a win win.
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