Burda 7352 Then 2011 & Now 2017

Ahhh Burda 7352 … it was the dress that had me going bonkers.  My daughter asked me to make her a dress for a New Years’ Eve Party... like December 31st.  To make matters even more bonkers, she wasn’t home and unable do any fitting….. double dayumm!

Dumpster dived and did leaps and bounds to get the dress done and miraculously I was able to get it done, and she liked it.  However, New Years Eve was coming to a close and when I peeped in on her to see if she was dress, my baby girl was sound asleep. So the dress wasn’t worn to the New Years’ Eve party.

Although, she didn’t wear it that time, the dress served her well for other events.  Now that my baby girl has blossomed into a voluptuous woman, the dress no longer fits her.  She planned on giving it to a friend and I immediately paused that cause… Nawww baby girl… I am taking that dress.  After the sweat and love I put into it… its miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine…lol

Fast Forward 2017 and I looooooooooooove this dress.  

Read more about my Burda 7352 adventure…. Circa 2011

Until then,
Have a Great Day !!!


Faye Lewis said…
Can you believe that I remember reading that post! Nice dress then and nice dress now!!!
I agree with Faye, nice dress then and now.
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye!
Sheila said…
Thank you SD Cunni!
Myra said…
Wow, that dress look like it was perfectly made for you! Isn't it wonderful to be the mom of an adult daughter and still look hot too? A great dress reincarnated!
Sheila said…
Thank you Myra!
garnet128 said…
Wow, kudos to you, both then and now. I love the last pic with the 3 straps. Somehow looks sexier IMO.
Sheila said…
Thank you Garnet128 ! The 3 strap is my favorite too. I ended up wearing the criss-cross style to the event.
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