Athleisure wear w/ Butterick 5606

Happy Sunday Everyone !!

With the weather being so blissfully comfortable, I ventured out and about.

The temperature is a bit cooler than Friday and a jacket was actually needed.  Yes... a jacket.

My Saturday plan was to begin working on a shirt for my guy, got the pattern out, one of his favorite rtw shirts to compare, fabric and that all went to the wayside.

When I was asked if I wanted to ride shotgun... all things relevant to sewing went out the window.  Thank goodness my hair was in a state of, grabbed my most recently washed TnT make... Butterick 5606 from the dry rack, slipped on my skips and grabbed a jacket.  Paused for a minute and said what the heck, just slap on some lipstick.

This pattern has been my go-to TnT since 2011 (posted about here, here, here, here, here... can't forget this one... and here ) and although its taped to the nth degree it's still going

I love a simple silhouette, it makes for getting ready easy and if I want to go all glam-style, that simple silhouette can perform accordingly.

Since I have come to love the whole athleisure trend... yes, I've mentioned that I am not a trendy gal.  However, Butterick 5606 fits the criteria for athlesiure wear, yes, this dress has been worn to workout in and I have gone to the store wearing it too.  The simple silhouette makes for a perfect workout gear by just donning shorts underneath and it's good to go.  Another note to mention, I tried heels on with it and ummm yeah it would be the perfect dress for a nigh-out-on-the-town.

Again, I will say I am truly not a trendy fashionista, I need my garments to provide sustainable fashion.  It needs to be here today, yesterday and later down the road.

Yes, the print is out-there, but sista-girl will tone it down with a tailored jacket & pumps with a quickness.

This modified butterick 5606 consist of just 2 pieces front and back, how can one go wrong. What I will say is it was all wrong when I made it initially, just too much going on.  However, I was able to look past that and it has worked ever since.

Simple lines also allow for easy tweaking, I've found that using the same fabric a knit, will not always yield the same result thereby prompting in some cases minor tweaking.  Again, being able to do minor tweaking without reinventing the wheel is always a plus for me. Some minor tweaking may involve a dart here or, taking a deeper shoulder seam there, adding a lil ease here, shortening the length there, but its not major.  More reason why I love this pattern.  After working out in it, I didn't like the foldover elastic around the armhole and cut it off and simply serged with 1/2" elastic and folded to the inside and final stitched.... ahhhh much better.

If one is looking for a dress pattern with simple lines... can be worn for workingout with shorts underneath, with ballet flats for a funky fun summer look, rocked with heels & blingy jewels for a night-on-the-town and lastly for a casual look, check out Butterick 5606, it's worth it.

Last but not least.... I have 2 yards remaining of this fabric, if interested check out my etsy shop. If you are not an etsy member, email me and we can go from there with a discount included.  Sold

Until then, 
Have an Awesome Sunday !!!


Faye Lewis said…
How versatile. I love the 2 pattern pieces and the fabric!
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye!
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