Burda 7352

Hello Everyone !!!

Ok... New York weather is playing games... I wore one of my cold-shoulder tops, I even had a blazer, but umm I was cooold..lol.  Although I am not a warm weather person, the last couple of days had me settling for warm weather gear.  Now the sudden change in temperature has me all up in arms.

Now that I have thawed out, let me share my most recent make... Burda 7352

After rocking my daughter’s Burda 7352 infinity dress to a women’s event, I knew I had to make another one.  Luckily the pattern wasn’t too deep in my pattern cabinet and had the perfect fabric for it.  For this version I lengthen the bodice, as I wore my daughter’s dress, it was evident that I needed more length, however it didn't break the look.

Circa 2011 dress made for Dear Daughter

Fast forward 2017 and it's all miiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnne ... sinister chuckle...lol

Added 2” to the bodice length and omitted the back zipper.  Still wondering what possessed me to put it in the first one, since I was able to slip the dress up and over my hips without unzipping it. Especially being that I’d used elastic for the bodice. This go-round, I created a casing for the bodice and inserted 1” elastic and adjusted to desired comfort. Another thing I opted out of was gathering the sash at the bodice, I didn’t want the gathering to add more bulk to my buddies…lol.

For this version I used an abstract printed ITY Knit, did not line the dress and just wore a half slip.  Also tapered the skirt a lil to minimize the a-line factor.  The dress sewed up like a charm, straight stitched the seams using maxi-lock stretch in the bobbin and regular thread on top.  Finished the seam allowance with my serger and serged hemline and folded to inside and hemmed.  For the sash, I just folded in ¼” and stitched, however, I spent a good amount of time tying the sash so that the wrong side would not show... can I say teeeedious.

The dress is very versatile and can be worn to a summer luncheon, to work donned with a blazer or a night out on the town… totally versatile and has that sustainable factor… can’t go wrong with Burda 7352.

I highly recommend giving this pattern a try.   The great thing about this silhouette, it works for various body types and the fact that it can go from just a simple summer dress to a night out on the town is priceless.

Until then,
Have a Great Evening !


Mariela Alethia said…
I love your dress and the fabric choice was on point.
Sheila said…
Thank you Alethia!
Faye Lewis said…
With these two dresses you are now ready for any summer event that comes your way. Beautiful!
Sheila said…
Yes Faye & Thank you!
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