Lace and Fringe with Butterick 6425

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Well today, New York temps are so much better and I was able to rock another version of Butterick 6425 in lace and fringe.

I am in love with this top and to think I was on the fence about wearing this style.  Well no more... I am totally in looooooooove.  I had the opportunity to meet up with a long time friend and this outfit was perfect for it.  You know how it is when you haven't kept in touch with a friend and when you do, it's all about putting your best foot forward.

When I left out at 11:30am it was a lil chilly, as well as a lil chilly in the restaurant Anzai,  Thankfully, I had a pashmina shawl, but around 1:00 it had warmed up considerably.

After making my first version, went into beast mode and used some of the leftover white stretch lace that I used in my activewear set.

I purchased this fabric in panels from Fulton Fabrics and for the first version just cut off the fringe & tossed it.  However, for this version, I wanted a funky fun top and worked the fringe into this project.  For the most part this version sewed up nicely.   However, I had to add lil tucks at the front armscye for a closer fit.

There were no special techniques to tame the lace, I straight stitched the seams using maxi-lock stretch in the bobbin and regular thread on top (I am totally loving the maxi-lock stretch).  I finished off the seam allowances with my serger and for the neckline, armholes and hemline serged raw edges, folded to the inside and final stitched.  For the sleeves I made sure to include the tightly woven section of the fabric, folded to the inside, final stitched and cut close to the stitching line.... donedotcom.  Oooh wait... I'm moving too fast, I did use 1/2" clear elastic for the shoulder seams.. then I was donedotcom.

Loooooooove this eclectic top.... did I say I love  I had a great time at Anzai and it was an awesome pleasure meeting up with my long time friend. Of course, when she learned that my sewing has ventured into garment construction, she immediately wanted me to sew her something, but I always become nervous when sewing for others.. ugggh.  However, I do love sewing, so I told her give me a minute and will get back to her.

I paired it with a pleated loft skirt (I caught and awesome sale last year at the loft and purchased several skirts for lil to nothing.. from $6.88 to 9.88... priceless)  and 9west peeptoe pumps... simple, yet eclectic.

Did I say I love this top...

Until then, 
Have a Great Day


Faye Lewis said…
You have made that pattern your own! This is beautiful!
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye !
Mariela Alethia said…
This top is my favorite.
c-ing said…
Another lovely creation.
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