McCalls 7446

Happy Saturday  !!!

OmG... the temps in the N.Y. this morning is glorious.  So much cooler than yesterday, which hit the 90s, it was brutal and to think it's just the beginning.  I usually don't do well in heat, however, being out and about in it is a necessary evil.

Now that I've recovered from yesterday's heatwave, I am ready to get started on my next sewing project.  Another activewear garment... McCalls 7446...

Since, I enjoyed working out in and wearing McCalls 7578 out & about, I am thirsty for another activewear dress.  Can't recall when I purchased this pattern and didn't notice the tunic version in this pattern.  While putting away some patterns, I noticed the tunic version and schelleped it back to my sewing room.  Although Version D is a tunic, I would like to lengthen it for a tennis like dress.

Loving the color blocking options and have another novelty stretch fabric to use for this project. However, I need to decide on which solid color I want to pair, currently I have two colors, lime green and yellow.  Also need to decide where I want to place the printed fabric.

I am in the process of revamping my sewing room and found more quilted novelty stretch poly/cotton which is light and airy.  The print is 58" on 60" fabric, I love the digital dye sublimation print.  It washed and air dried nicely, no ironing necessary.

I have 4 yards of this fabric and only washed 2 yards of it.  The remainder has not been pre-treated.  I will be putting the remaining 2 yards in my Etsy Shop for sale @  $7.00/yd + S&H later today.  If interested can  also email me at sheilaz457-at-gmail-dotcom.

This fabric has the ability to make one use their most creative powers and create something fun.

For the remainder of my 2 yards I will make shorts... yeah ... shorts, nothing like rocking a funky fun

As I continue revamping my fabric room & stash, I will be posting more fabric for sale... so stay tuned.

Until then,
Have a Great Weekend !


Faye Lewis said…
That will be a fun make it's a great print!
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye ! Let's cross eyes, toes & fingers that it works up I went dumpster diving in my stash again and found some more of the fabric from my previous dress. Need to upload that to my etsy shop.
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