McCalls 7578

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii.... Happy Friday !!!!

I am ready for the weekend and this is the last weekend before my B-day.... I am so looking forward to having major fun.

My sister, who is the party gal has already informed me that I betta .. yes she said betta not have no sewing going on when she get here next

Last year I was able to escape the b-day escapade, and did something small.  This year for the big five-four, she is not having it !!!!

So I need to get all my sewing in before then... even my moma said if I find you in that upper room...weeees going to have some

So, I need to get my sewing on now and in comes McCalls 7578...

My activewear sewing is still going strong and needed something other than leggings and top.  This dress is perfect.

I was a lil intimidated with the construction, but after reading, re-reading and re-reading I went ahead and dived in.  I went with my moma's mantra, there is only 2 things you can do... f*ck it up or fix it. That was her favorite words growing up when one of us was faced with a dilemma.  Trust and believe 99.9% we got it

Fabric used is a red cotton knit from walmart and a novelty cotton knit from sav-a-thon.  I cut a size 14 for the body and 12 for the neckline and armholes.  Constructing the  body was easy, however, not sure if it was me, but the upper side fronts and back were not the same width as the lower front and back.  But trust and believe with my moma's mantra in my head... I fixed it with a quickness.  Straight stitched and serged the seam allowances.

Now the neckband was a lil tricky, I believe I spent more time figuring out how to construct the dang thing.  I found the instructions a lil confusing, but after sleeping on it and remembering moma's F rules, got it fixed.  The neckband calls for some hand stitching and was initially put off about it, but after trying it on mid way, I was all for it.

I've already tested it out during my workout and its perfect.

If I had to pin point the confusion, I was trying to figure out how to finish the armholes once the neckband was on, but after re-reading the instructions slowly... it clearly indicated to finish armholes before attaching neckband,  I think the idea of not being able to sew next week has got my mind a lil

For the armholes I serged and folded to the inside and final stitched.... ask me what was I confused about... mmmm ... my sista got me under

Serged the raw hemline and final stitched.  I loooooooooooove this dress and will definitely make another one.  If you don't know me.... I am a Pattern

This lil number has been worn out and about, it's so comfortable and makes the perfect summer dress.  Actually, I was thinking of dismissing the b-day outfit I plan to make and instead make another mccalls 7578.  The weather has finally warmed up considerably and this is perfect.

Until then, 
Have a Great Friday !!!!


Patty said…
Fabulous! Would make a great tennis dress...adding this one to my list. Happy Birthday!
Sheila said…
Thank you Patty! It would be perfect for tennis.
KS_Sews said…
Too cute!
Sheila said…
Thank you KS !
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Sara Noemi said…
I'm working on this now and I'm glad I'm not the only one that was confused by the neckline! Yours came out great so it gave me the inspiration to finish mine. Thanks!!
I am SO glad that I'm not nuts. I too had that issue with the seams. Since I wanted to eliminate it, I ran into the problem while working with the pattern. How'd you fix it? You did such a great job, I'd like your input.
Mary Katherine said…
Your dress is beautiful! I looked at for a review on this dress, too, as I had a question about the lining fabric for the bodice. Two of the commenters also had problems with the side pieces not being the same width, too.