Then 2009 & Now 2017 w/ Simplicity 2850

Happy Thursday All,

As all may know by now I love when my clothes keep on giving and Simplicity 2850 is another one.

This blouse was made during one of my sew-sista, Faye of Faye's Sewing Adventures' sew-along (posted about here).

I love a good sew-along, it gives one an opportunity to fill any holes one may have in their wardrobe. Her sew-alongs offer so much inspiration and motivation.  I am one of them that start off with a particular pattern in mind and then bam, once the other participants start posting their patterns, I am off on a tangent and rummaging through my pattern stash... lol

What has made her sew-alongs sew much fun, is when I can fast forward several years and I am still wearing the garment.

   2009                                            2017

I take my wardrobe to heart, I don't play... when I do my seasonal wardrobe evaluation, I assess what needs to go, stay and can be refashioned.  As you can see this top remained and the sleeves were shortened.  It's has remained one of my favorite weekend tops, throw it on and go.  What I will say is the jeans have seen better days tho'.  I've had them for at least 11 years and they are worn and the fabric is almost akin to chambray thickness, thin and a lil too big.  Buuuuuut, they are sooooo comfy and the perfect garment for running to the store or just hanging out around the house.  

This pic was taken in 2010 during one of PatternReview's Meet-up in Philly.  I had a great day with my sew-sista Andrea of Knit-Knac and so many of the other ladies. Matter of fact, Andrea was with me when I purchased the fabric at Metro-Textiles, back in 2008 and said...  gurrrl what are you going to do with that

Well 8 years later and it's still going strong... who knows, the next time you see it, it may be

Until then,
Have a Great Day !!


garnet128 said…
Love the print of the top and your placement. I prefer short sleeves these days as it does not lock you into a seasonal wearing, so easy to throw a cardi over for cooler weather. I admire that you have a great eye for patterns that are 'timeless'. I am trying to 'get' this myself.
Sheila said…
Thank you Garnet128 ! Yes short sleeves and tanks have become my go to. Even in the winter.
Cennetta said…
Love your top, Sheila. I have this pattern too but haven't used it yet.
Sheila said…
Thank you Cennetta !
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