Unapologetic Crafter

If anyone knows me, I go fast & hard with my crafting & sewing.  One minute I'm in the throes of sewing and in a lickety split I will dive into something else.  That's me the unapologetic crafter.

Of late, with my sewing mojo bobbing & weaving in & out of my craft room, I revisited another pastime love... jewelry making.

I loooove wearing jewelry, it's something about adding that last touch to an outfit. Whether it be work, an event or casual.  Jewelry seals that ensemble.

My jewelry style is minimalistic.  I love stud earrings, no let me rephrase that, I am obsessed with them.  I've tried dangling & hoop ones, but find them fiddly.

  I like necklaces & chokers, but not too over the top.  I tried rocking the bib necklaces and mann, it was just too much going on and some were heavy.  Acquired a large collection only to realize a single or double strand (s) works better. So I refashioned them creating necklace & bracelet sets.  There are a few I kept as is, I found them to be lightweight & comfortable.

Also, fond of bracelets, but again can't rock an armload, too noisey and hinder the putting on & taking off my blazer, or  just reaching into my handbag.

My daughter made me realize that since I wear a lot of blazers, the bib necklace wouldn't be comfortable.  Advised that I should wear them with suitless outfits.  Tried it and it was bearable, but I always gravitate to single or double strand(s) necklaces.  As for the hoop or dangling earrings, I made a set and wore them, but kept forgetting about them and found myself swatting at my neck, yielding scratches... umm yeah...lol.

I've acquired and made a lot of jewelry over time for myself and now have ventured into selling.  With my daughter coming to New York and urging me to participate in one of  the Craft & Gift vending events @ Eisenhower Park, New York, I've been enjoying creating jewelry even more.  Currently, I have a few pieces available via my etsy shop, along with other novelty items.

My most recent make is Green Envy .. this set was a joy to make with green  iridescent beads, glass crackle beads, dimensional beads on fashion gold links.  Creating the wrap loops was trying, but got them done.

The Sewjo made a fast & furious appearance and I was able to cut out a dress.  I went with my tnt Butterick 5147, using a novelty designer inspired print.  However, in a flash it was gone, so my dress is waiting for my sewjo to return.

Until then,
Enjoy the rest of the Weekend !


Monica Davis said…
SB indeed you are a busy woman, creative and FASHIONABLE!!!B5147 NEVER FAIL ... FIESTA :) May your sewing mojo come back FULL FORCE ;)
Faye Lewis said…
Sheila said…
Hi Monica,Thank you and yes... I need my sewjo to return.
Sheila said…
Hi Faye and Thank you!
Luv the new page and look of your blog. I too have been considering a name change. What I don't know. Yes Yes to your jewelry ! I've been following you on Instagram and your pieces are glamorous and eye-candy all around. I love the support your daughter is giving you. Your Number One Fan. Keep it up Lady !
Sheila said…
Hi Carolyn and Thank you!
Mimi said…
All lovely jewelry! I like that golden brown bracelet!
Sheila said…
Thank you Mimi !
Anonymous said…
I have never left a comment on a blog, but I am GOING to with yours! You are an inspiration, and I just want to go craft-craft-craft after seeing this! I, too am a crafter, sewer, knitter, etc. THANK YOU for getting my mojo going! -- a gal in Minnesota :)
Sheila said…
Hi Gal in Minnesota. Thanks for visiting. Glad I can inspire... yes.. craft, craft & craft til your heart is content.
Ambitious Sewer said…
Hello Sheila, It was nice to meet a fellow crafter and sewer, your taste in jewelry is very elegant, smart and fun. I really can relate when it comes from going to one hobby/interest and then just nose diving in another. I like to think everything has it's season...so enjoy it while your still interested. Life is too short too stick to one thing...especially people with creative minds.
Hope all is well,
Sheila said…
Hi Naomi and Thank you. Yes it was a pleasure meeting you and hope we meet up again soon.
Cennetta said…
Girl, you are a hardcore crafter to say the least. I love you jewelry. Excellent!
Sheila said…
Hiii Cennetta, yes I craft hard...lol. Thank you !