Fast Fashion & Sewing

Happy Wednesday!!! Figured while my sesame garlic wings are roasting, I'd post about my fast fashion & Sewing.

Despite the fact that I sew, I love to shop, yes, I love to browse through a store and window shop to see whats whats.  During my early days, I'd buy a boatload of rtw pieces and then have buyers remorse,  Why... because what I ended up lugging home was not worth the fast fashion thirst.  It wasn't about the quality of the garment, but the fact that the garment did not quench my thirst a/k/a it did not fit into my wardrobe routine.

What is a wardrobe routine you say?  It's certain colors or style lines that I gravitate to time and time again.  Of course, I would purchase something with the thought that this new and improved silhouette would be the bees-knees among my wardrobe routine.  However, once I'd get home and anxiously try on the garment, it became "what-the-hell-was-I-thinking".  My go-to wardrobe routine are simple silhouettes that pair well with me-mades, rtw pieces or pairs well with my suits.

Hand crocheted sweater with a loft skirt $9.88,
 then worn again with a $9.99 dress barn microsuede skirt

Walmart tank top paired with a me-made blazer & slacks, jacket worn with rtw loft slacks and all me made ensemble.

Fast forward and the last couple of years I've matured shopping wise.  I now shop with a plan and only shop with a certain criteria in place, fit, color, minor adjustments, versatile & price.  Of course, like most sewistas, while browsing a store the mind-mantra is I can make that.  However, I am of the mind I ain't, yes I said ain't in the mood for sewing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g., if  a rtw garment fits my criteria it's going home with me.  Mostly, I shop for blazers/jackets, but have branched out to skirts, tops and sometimes slacks.  Dresses are a rarity, but having a daughter that loves to shop and find it in her heart and soul to buy for me, she has been successful in the dress department.

Dress compliments of my daughter + love the print + fit +  $3.99 = priceless.

rtw tahari blazer + walmart tank top + and ellen tracey pencil pants = $43.00 outfit

 As for tailored garments, I have acquired a collection of suits that have stood the test of time and still going strong.  So I focus on rtw orphan pieces that I can pair with some of my me-mades and tailored orphan pieces like pants, blazers and skirts.

Butterick 6065 paired with rtw loft slacks + somebody's jeans = priceless

What really heighten my purchasing power is when I pair a rtw with a me-made... its like this purchase was so worth it.

New Look 6351, paired with a refashioned $25.00 tahari blazer  + $1.68 walmart tank top = a match made in heaven

Of course, there is an instance or two that I luck upon or my daughter lucks upon rtw garments or two that just flows together effortlessly.

Mandee bomber jacket $6.99 purchased in 2016 + $3.50 roll back walmart velvet lace tank top + a $3.99 faux leather skirt compliments of my daugher = perfect OOTD.

Before I end this random post, I've heard the common words ... how can you shop rtw... most items don't fit well.  Well let me tell you, sometimes that's the case for me too.  However, I again, have a criteria in place.  I've learned that I am not just one size, i.e. when I buy a blazer, I take into consideration the silhouette.  If its a princess cut blazer, I go up a size,  and if it's a full cut blazer, I go down a size.  With those parameters in place I luck upon a near perfect fit that may only require minor adjustments.  Those minor adjustments will not take the time it would take to sew from scratch.  Most times I may need to just shorten the sleeves on a blazer/jacket or pant or skirt.

With that my friends is my fast fashion, sewing & tonight's dinner...

Sesame garlic roasted wings with oven baked broccoli florets tossed w/ roasted garlic & herb seasoning/olive oil.

Until then,
Have a Great Week!


Mariela Alethia said…
Great post.
Patty said…
Great advice and your photos prove it works! I also have a small, curated list of things I purchase in RTW. Smaller wardrobe, but includes items that I like and that fit!
Irene said…
Your outfits always look fantastic. Obviously, you've figured out your own strategy for combining your sewing talent and managing your time wisely.
Sheila said…
Thank you Alethia !
Sheila said…
Thank you Patty! To keep my closet from overflowing I purge twice a year. However despite loving to shop, I must admit I go months at a time w/o purchasing.
Sheila said…
Thank you Irene! It took a few years to figure it out, but finally realize keeping it simple provides timeless pieces.
Summer said…
What a great post!!! And your dinner looks absolutely fantastic!!!
Sheila said…
Thank you Summer !
Faye Lewis said…
I don't think your post was random at all. It was a great post that shows the relevancy of coupling sewing with smart RTW shopping. Great for you and thanks for sharing!
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye !