New Look 6351 Pant Palooza

Hello.. Hello... Helllllo... its the weekend !!!!.  Has anyone noticed there is a hint of day light still hanging around at 5:00pm.  I noticed it this week and loving it.

Also, with the weekend at my fingerstips time to sew up another make of my favorite pattern New Look 6351.

For years, I followed the rules of always wear a printed top with dark bottoms.  As well as avoided wearing something bright or printed on my lower half for fear of it being unflattering.  After 30+ years in corporate dress code, a few years ago, decided it's my time. Having followed the rules long enough, decided I needed to add some unexpected pizazz to my collection of standard tailored pants.

In come New Look 6351, offering the comfort elastic waistband and a straight silhouette to jump start that unexpected pant pizazz.

This pattern has been my go-to since 2015 and after modifying the fit from a pair of rtw pant, it has been nonstop. 

Soft grey poly-cotton

Purple Plaid poly-cotton

Tartan plaid poly-linen fabric

Dark grey suiting with a vest from the same fabric.

Lt blue stretch denim 

This pair of pants has stretch silk lining and feels so good against my skin. I only had 2 cuts of stretch silk fabric, used that up and must buy more. My other pants I used 2 way knit for the lining in absence of the stretch silk. 

Love the ease of construction and of course the elastic waistband. The pocket is cool too, it's just a large square that is attached to front and back of pant from waist. Then folded to inside when sewing the side seams together and pocket bottom sewn together.  Also, I modified the waistband by opting out of a pull string, doubled the height of the waistband and use 1.5 or 2" elastic.

Fast forward and still going strong with NL6351 into 2018.  Currently on the sewing table is a navy stretch corduroy.  I'd lucked up on Joann's holiday door buster and purchased 14 cuts of fabric for pant making.

Cranberry red microsuede, from Joanns and looooooooooooove this fabric, it washed/dried and sewed up beautifully and unlined.

Beige microsuede

Plaid rayon and must say this fabric is soooooo thin. After initially just serging the seams, the serged stitches frayed from the seams.  I was beside myself, ended up straight stitching the seams,  serged and stitched down seam allowance. For the crotch I triple stitched and fully lined.  Yes, overkill, but I was dayuummm if I was going to let this be a wadder.

Floral stretch corduroy that washed and dried nicely with minimal ironing.  Sewed up very nicely.

Plaid acrylic and love the way it handled after pretreating & sewing it.   However, after a 8 hr day of wear, it has some tiny pilling going-on.

After making several in woven, I wanted a few in knit and being the lazy sewista that I am, I decided I would gamble with using the same size 14 for both woven and knits.  The difference comes in when I sew them, I use a 5/8+" seam allowance for the 4 way knit w/ 2 back waist darts and 3/8+" seam allowance for the woven. There are some instances wherein with certain 2 way knits with minimal stretch I will go with a 1/2" seam allowance. For the crotch on all fabrics I go with a 3/8" seam, after an earlier version did not comfortably afford sitting ease.  There's not much else I can say to convince you that this pattern is a winner.

My plan for this year is to sew the other versions of NL 6351 and hoping they too will become TnTs.

Until then,
Have A Great Weekend!


SewRuthie said…
I have that pattern but have never used it. However I will look at it again now having seen what amazing pants you've made from it - wow!
I have some favourite RTW pants which have a flat front, but elasticated back (and just pull on). They look smart but are very comfortable indeed.
Faye Lewis said…
New Look 6351 is your WORK HORSE pants pattern! You've done a fabulous job with your wardrobe of pants!!!
Andekate said…
I’ve made the skirt and shirt from that pattern. I’ll have to get around to the pants now!
Sheila said…
Thank you Ruthie. It's a great pattern, especially if one is not into the bells & whistle of tailored pants.
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye !
Sheila said…
Thank you Andekate! I will definitely try the other versions.