New Look 6351 Racer Stripe Pant

There is something to be said about surfing the internet.... Inspiration is in full abundance.

Sometimes, I overwhelm myself with the overload of inspiration that I come across.  I have to calm myself, because if I had my way, all that inspires me would have me burning the midnight oil churning out all types of garments and crafty projects.

So I refocused on the most important thing that I wanted to add to my wardrobe.  Rather, additional pieces, more fun pants, which I talked about here.

Totally was inspired when I watched Johanna's vlog about her lastest workout wear.  Then when I flipped over to my feedly, Psyche of Economy of Style popped up and BAM !!  ... and there it was again, double inspiration of racer stripe pants.

Immediately, thought of the partially constructed New Look 6351, navy stretch corduroy hanging and patiently waiting to be finished.

Joann's Navy Sportswear Stretch Corduroy - 55"

Before diving into the partially constructed stretch cord, I did make a quick run to Joann's for a pant pattern with a racer stripe, but of course, I wasn't lucky.  After scoring some other patterns just because, left and while driving home, it hit me.. youtube university!

Surfed through Youtube and came across Sofia Clara's video ... Diy dressy track pants.

With my partially constructed pant, bias tape and stretch heat n' bond, I was ready to make some money moves... I mean sewing

After sewing up the side seams of the pant, fused the stretch heat n' bond to the bias trim, positioned along side seams ironed and stitched.

Completed constructing the pant and added my favorite waist comforter.. elastic

Finally hemmed the pants and happppppy... donedotcomdotnetdotorgdotfinito.

This was a great twist to my pant making and it definitely added pop to existing pieces.

 Of course, being the recidivist that I am, my mind is churning on how to use some leftover floral stretch corduroy for a racer stripe...mmmm

Until then,
Have an Awesome Sunday !


Robin said…
What a winning look--coordinated and that stripe put everything in motion. I love it!
Sheila said…
Thank you Robin ! The inspiration was just what I needed to add some pop to my wardrobe.
Faye Lewis said…
What a nifty outfit. I love that stripe!
Irene said…
These look amazing! Of course, you would have the perfectly coordinating blazer to go with the stripe ... and the perfectly coordinating shoes. Love the idea!
Sheila said…
Thank you Faye !
Sheila said…
Thank you Irene !
Monica Davis said…
Sheila said…
Thank you Monica !
ali imran said…
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